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SMIRC 2022 is in the books

Well, SMIIRC 2022 is in the books and all I can think to say is thank you, and I’m so proud of all of you.

SMIRC began as a dream of bringing bigger and better rope to Michigan. To see so many other dreamers and rope heads with me this weekend has filled me with a sense of gratitude I can barely describe.

I’m also so proud of everyone who attended, presented, and volunteered. Without your enthusiasm for learning, SMIRC would not exist. I’d also like to send out a long list of specific thank yous:

I’ll open with thanking my SMIRC co-founder, my darling @attnwhor-69 who worked so hard all weekend and leading up to SMIRC - creating bags, ordering merch, co-coordinating class schedules with hotel codes, and so much of the unseen background work that makes a con happen.

My dear @wifeywhore-69 who so diligently tends to vanilla life to make organizing kink cons an option in the first place, who also worked all weekend behind the scenes shuttling people back and forth to hotels, cleaning up from feeding volunteers and presenters, and even remembering to pack my bag for me the day before as I’d honestly not done that.

I’d also like to express my gratitude to the wonderful presenters - top and bottom. @Lief@Hedonist_queer@Ropedaddy@AuraLee33@Nevertheless@12cats@Odys@Violetrain, @worldsokayestropebunny, @gentlebrutal, @jj-handhops, @VictorianMuse, @_MrNobody, and @ser0tonin_ - I’m very proud of the amazing content you have created and shared with all of us. From technical how to classes to answering the question of why we do rope and new ways to do old rope… and oh, all of the delightful moans, screams and tears you created during class. You are all amazing for giving your time and talents to us. Also @MsReemah and @HiLavendar, thank you for coming as our backup presenters and your amazing play scenes throughout the weekend.

A special shout out to @Lief and @Hedonist_queer for their amazing performance to open our party on Saturday night. We saw you, felt the feels, and are so grateful. It was beautiful.

I’d like to thank our venue hosts at @Oblige_Rope and their very dedicated owners, @Serene_X and @Flynn_Racer as well as their very dedicated staff helpers, @Vxyen, Courtney, @SirCronus and @Satans_Angel who flip equipment, played the music, washed sheets and towels, stock drink coolers, and so many of the things that made the venue feel like a safe place to relax, learn, and tie in.

To the SMIRC volunteers @valuableboy@PhoenixArktos@Sorionsbelt@CynNeko@Roach@Toga@Kitty@Fae-Lilith, and @AbsolutelyAtreyu: they checked us in, watched the door, stocked the bathrooms, changed the garbage, shuttled our presenters, directed those in attendance to the right spots, and so many other things that make a conference flow smoothly.

To the National Coaliition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) including @Sequentialiized and @Auto-mation for your advocacy for our sexual freedoms and rights: your presence at our event helping to ensure a consent focused culture and the lovely pin gift you presented us with. It is our delight to get to create kink spaces alongside you as well as have your guidance and feedback on how to do it safely and legally.

SMIRC has gone from a daydream to a waking dream I literally have the pleasure of walking into one weekend a year and it has become so much bigger and better that I dare have hoped because of all of you.

With love, rope, and gratitude

~Doug (enlightenup-69)

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”