2021 Presenters

Stranger Friend

they/them            Madison, Wisconsin

Stranger is a top-leaning switch with a passion for inspiring pain, pleasure, smiles, tears, fears, tenderness, and raw human connection. Stranger has a special love for rope bondage, and enjoys tying and being tied with intention and excessive eye-contact, geeking out about technique and learning through teaching, and exploring discipline through self-tying and dynamic self-suspensions. When not at kink events, Stranger can be found introverting in their blankets and playing video games, working on their Master's thesis, having Indian food mouth-orgasms, or deeply weeping over every single one of J.S. Bach's violin sonatas. 


she/her/hers        Toledo, Ohio

Traeonna is a passionate and experienced educator that teaches hands-on workshops and presents on a variety of topics including kink skills (bondage, fireplay, cigar play, etc.), moving meditation, hula hoop dance, communication tools, connective practices, alternative relationship styles, and conflict management in relationships in the leather, kink, occult, flow arts, and other alternative communities.


A trainer and curriculum developer by profession, she has been teaching on one topic or another for over 18 years. She has been involved with the leather and kink communities for over two decades, holds the 2017 and 2018 title for Miss Ohio Leather, and is a member of the 2018 class for International Person of Leather.


When not teaching or creating new classes, you can find her sewing 1950s dresses, adding to her ever-growing kimono collection, hula hooping, hitting people with dinosaurs, and amusing her Bear with her antics.


She is fueled by dark chocolate, coffee, and Sir Winston snuggles. As a mononymous person, Traeonna can be found on Facebook or by typing .com after her name!



they/them           Columbus, Ohio

Raiju (they/them), aka “Spark” is a switchy Columbus-based kinkster who enjoys enabling exploration of the shape and bounds of "the box" in kink, rope, and non-monogamy. Before they entered “the community” (™) in 2011 they began by tying rope harnesses beneath their clothes to help manage their anxiety, PTSD, and C-PTSD. They’re now a passionate “triple threat” - a rope receiver, giver, and self-suspender - sharing and consuming knowledge, and facilitating kink and non-monogamy educational spaces and topics. Their experiences in aerial silks, mental health, interfaith psychopompery, massage therapy, and non-monogamy additionally shapes their classes. Raiju uses critical thinking tools, an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and their varied travels and perspectives to help build paths to deeper understanding and greater skills for the initiate, the adept, and even the expert.


he/him/his                 Madison, Wisconsin

A BDSM player for 20 years, Spike doesn’t play with one aspect of BDSM, he enjoys playing with all of them. A rope artist, a whip aficionado, a sub, a Daddy, a pony; he enjoys being all of them.  Spike’s wry sense of humor and timing ensures a lively conversation at any event. He resides in Madison, Wisconsin with his Mistress: Mistress__Mayhem. Spike has presented at Shibaricon, Beyond Leather, Madtown Kinkfest, COPE, Twisted Tryst and ROPECRAFT Chicago. When he’s not playing with rope, Spike enjoys cracking whips, being a DJ and spinning fire.




he/him and she/her    Indianapolis, Indiana

R0pe-daddy and AuraLee33 have been presenting rope together since 2019 hosting rope jams and sharing their experience in a one sided polyamorous relationship. They are the founders and creators of rope daddy studios which provides a space for not only kink photography but a place to play with and educate about shibari.

R0pe-daddy has an extensive background in educating on HIV/ AIDS awareness and helped open project A.R.I.A for Stand up Harlem in NYC. A graduate of the school for the preforming arts and an award winning director at the short film makers festival in NYC. R0pe-daddy loves to add his theatrical flare to his rope scenes.

AuraLee33 has a background in Healthcare and has been an ace in the sleeve for this pair when researching how rope affects the body. She loves the feel of a single leg futo and will tell you that she is not a masochist.​

Besides rope, R0pe-daddy has a background in the culinary arts and AuraLee33 is a foodie.


he/him                 New York

Clinton (he/him, @GleipnirsKnot) is an aspiring ally, perpetual student, and non monogamous rope nerd that is cuckoo for cooperation. He believes that the core of growing a more radical and inclusive world starts in teaching communities, kinky or not, recognizing that just the word “communication” is never a sufficient answer, but the start to growth. Which he can facilitate. He’s been a student of rope since 2011 and alternative sexuality and rope educator since 2016, and began engaging in the non-monogamous lifestyle in 2014. Pepperings of his varied backgrounds such as Karate, DZR Jujitsu, and community and co-operative housing governance sprinkles his classes about foundations of rope handling, power exchange, circus fire arts, community building, anti-oppression, trauma stewardship, and conflict transformation. He also loves his dog.


Sabrehyde &

they/them           Traverse City, Michigan

SabreHyde (she/her) is a rope switch and teacher-organizer from Traverse City, Michigan, who enjoys travelling, metal concerts, and costuming.  In January 2017, Sabre co-founded the TC Rope Jam to bring rope education and practice to the nascent rope community in Northern Lower Michigan. You can find her enthusiastically attending events across Michigan and in Chicago with her partner, Gun_Show. She believes rope should be accessible to anyone with a passion for it, and strives to have and teach a variety of options for different genders, physical limitations, body sizes and shapes, and goals. A lifelong learner, she invites you to provide candid feedback on or ask questions about any class, tie, or technique you see her use.


Gun_Show (he/him) is a rope switch who lives near Traverse City, Michigan. An exercise enthusiast, he enjoys physical activities and being out in the woods. He tries to leave his one-liners (read: dad jokes) at home, but sometimes cannot resist the urge to solicit a particularly awful groan from those nearby. For some reason unknown to anyone else, Sabre_Hyde puts up with this, and Gun_Show frequently gallivants around with his partner-in-crime, attending rope workshops, metal concerts, and medieval reenactments. He enjoys learning new ties, perfecting his technique, and the connection that exists between a rigger and riggee.

Enlightenup69 & Attnwhor69

they/them                 Troy, MI

Enlightenup-69 and Attnwhor-69 are the organizers of MI ropes as well as SMIRC, the Summer Michigan Rope Conference.  They have been sharing their passion and rope adventure as kink educators since 2013. 

As rope students they are best described as rope anarchists who prefer to break rope down to its fundamentals and then build back up into the different passions from patterns such as gote' to predicaments to how to incorporate rope into sex and bedroom bondage.

They have also presented on other topics including polyamory on behalf of the Michigan Board of Education and BDSM education alongside the Center for Relationship and Sexual Health.


In addition to presenting on rope attnwhor-69 is also a licensed massage therapist and teaches on the healing power of touch and both the therapeutic and kinky uses of cupping.