Our 2022 Presenters

Lief Bound(They/Them) & Icarus(They/Them)

Lief Bound and Icarus are queer and trans rope educators and performance artists currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Lief Bound is a rope switch who found their love of rope nine years ago and believes that rope can be the most honest way that we can connect with each other. Icarus is a switchy pain enthusiast who started their rope bottoming exploration nine years ago and is most passionate about incorporating their career in social justice into their kink education. Their teaching styles bring the best of both worlds combining crucial perspectives of the top and the bottom. They value consent and safety in every topic they teach, bringing an inclusive and trauma-informed approach to learning rope bondage.  Lief and Icarus are most passionate about using multi-media process art to share their vision with the world and push the boundaries of what defines rope. 


Lief and Icarus are available for group classes, privates, private sessions, and photoshoots.

Email: lief.bound.ropes@gmail.com

Website: houseofbound.com

Insta: @liefboundropes and @hedonist_queer

Twiter: @liefbound



Rope Daddy and AuraLee33 founders of Rope Daddy studios llc. There approach to teaching is focused more on practical application. From bottoming 101 to upline management any course taken from these two promises to expand your shibari repertoire. These two have been working together since 2019 and their passion and energy together is fantastic!

Rope Daddy was introduced to shibari in 2017 and fell in love with the art of it. Since then he has dedicated his time to sharing his work through photography and illustrations. When asked what is your favorite part. He will say "The connection through intimacy"

AuraLee33 first connected with shibari and Rope Daddy in 2019. Her background in the medical field has been pivotal in developing Rope Daddy studios educational material.

The opening of Rope Daddy studios has allowed them to provide a safe space not only for kink photography but educational and recreational kink as well. The past few years they have spent there time traveling to promote and present the Rope Daddy brand.

Nevertheless&12 cats

Nevertheless and 12cats have been tying together since 2014. Their first scene with rope took 6 ropes to bind someone to a table. Since then, they’ve been focusing on minimalism and simplicity. They take a team approach to rope bondage, working together to achieve beautiful body positions in both suspension and floor work, as well as evoking powerful emotions in their play.  Together they bring playful fun, a positive outlook, and really bad jokes.

In addition to teaching at our event Nevertheless & 12 cats are available to give private lessons while they are in town - if you are interested please contact them directly to discuss timing and price.

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& VioletRain

RiggerOdys is a rigger/kinbaku artist and educator who discovered the beauty of rope bondage seven years ago, and has been deeply dedicated to it ever since. Initially inspired by the traditional Japanese style bondage through the Art of Akira Naka’s Semenawa, and by Yukimura Haruki, he has attended workshops with many world class presenters to find his path.

In 2016, he had the privilege of meeting Akira Naka at a Baltimore workshop, and subsequently traveled to Tokyo in the last four years to study exclusively with my teacher Naka san. In 2017, he created KinbakuOdyssey Studio where he continues to fully immerse himself into the art of kinbaku. In 2018, he became a member of Nawa Naka Kai. In 2019, he attended the workshop held by Akira Naka's first deshi Riccardo Wildties in Vancouver, to deepen his understanding of tormenting rope (semenawa).

To him, kinbaku is a connective journey expressed through emotional transitions, evoked by progressive torment and power exchange. Each rope represents the catch and release of control. With each rope, he take his partners on a journey of self discovery, exposing what they secretly crave. his unique expression of sensually erotic semenawa evokes sensations of pleasure and pain, ultimately pushing his partners to reveal their inner feelings and emotions to him.


VioletRain found rope early in her kink journey back in 2015. Unlike other kinks, it touched her in unexpected and transformative ways and she considers it these days to be an intentional and intimate dialogue between two people. As a bottom, she has attended multiple workshops, intensives and private classes from instructors from USA, Europe and Asia, including Naka Akira and Iroha Shizuki, Kanna San and Kagura, Tenma Haru and Reika, Gorgone, Subay, Mynx and Atelier Simonet. She is now on a journey to hone her skills in rope as a top.

FL: VioletRain


ropebunny &

Worldsokayestropebunny has taught at ARS,  SADDE, and the sensual society all in Austin. They have taught at Ropecraft Austin and Ropecraft Homebound. They have taught online for tethered wifi and tethered together in person in 2022. They help run 1701 studio in Austin. This is a beautiful intimate space that has classes and other events to share their love of rope. They are in charge of PR, marketing, curriculum and instructing at the studio.

Gentleebrutal has taught classes for CARE/SORE, private lessons, ARS, and SADDE all in Austin, Tx. He has taught at RopecraftAustin and Ropecraft homebound. He has taught online for tethered wifi and in person at tethered together 2022. He is the owner of 1701 studio in Austin. He built the studio from the ground up. He helps with class curriculum and is an instructor for classes and intensives at the studio.

I'm a born and raised Austinite 🦄
My rope journey started as a rope bunny, in 2017. Then I started self suspending, quickly followed by starting to Top. From the time I started tying till my first suspension, was over a year. I believe in taking your time when learning about rope bondage. I am a certified personal trainer and have a degree in education. With these two major facts about me, I believe, help me teach clear and concise rope skills as a bottom, top and switch.

Gentleebrutal was introduced into this world of kink 2012. Since then he has explored many aspect of kink and have been enjoying every aspect of it. Rope was his entry point to this world and his love of it has been growing since then.
He love the intimacy, connection and trust that you build with rope.



JJ-Handhops has been tying and active in the Michigan scene for the past 6 years. He’s passionate about teaching, especially in regards to sadistic rope which is where his rope journey truly started. Bringing forth euphoria through pain is central to his scenes. He’s a local educator/teacher of shibari in Detroit at the Oblige Rope Boutique and has previously been a presenter at SMIRC 2021.


His professional background in the medical field has provided him knowledge and experience with nerve damage, which he has used to help inform the community on how to prevent/treat shibari-related injuries. 


For the past 2 years, he has explored a new kink and discovered a new love - erotic rope photography. His style continues to grow and take new directions. You can find some of his work on his profile and on Instagram: @midnightdreamz_studio


Xeno & Serena

Xeno is your friendly neighborhood sadist. His favorite kinks include rope, knives, rough body play, and raw vulnerability. He has enjoyed planning, hosting, and presenting at various events since 2016, and is currently active in the Board of Education and Board of Education TNG. As a strong advocate of direct communication and negotiation, he strives to promote responsible play at all intensity levels. (Pronouns: he/they, FetLife: @_MrNobody)

Serena is sweet as can be! So, naturally, she paired up with a sadist to strike perfect balance. She entered the community in early 2021, and quickly discovered her home here. She’s spent her first year in kink fostering friendships, serving the community, learning all the kinky things, and exploring her interests. She’s mostly drawn to a nice mix of bottoming and pain play, and her love for receiving mean rope remains constant and true. (Pronouns: she/they, FetLife: @ser0tonin_)


Enlightenup69 & Attnwhor69
SMIRC Founders

Enlightenup-69 and Attnwhor-69 are the organizers of MI ropes as well as SMIRC, the Summer Michigan Rope Conference.  They have been sharing their passion and rope adventure as kink educators since 2013. 

As rope students they are best described as rope anarchists who prefer to break rope down to its fundamentals and then build back up into the different passions from patterns such as gote' to predicaments to how to incorporate rope into sex and bedroom bondage.

They have also presented on other topics including polyamory on behalf of the Michigan Board of Education and BDSM education alongside the Center for Relationship and Sexual Health.


In addition to presenting on rope attnwhor-69 is also a licensed massage therapist and teaches on the healing power of touch and both the therapeutic and kinky uses of cupping.