Friday, August 13th

7 pm - 10 pm - Meet and Greet
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Saturday, August 14th

8:00 am - Registration opens

9:00 am - 7:00 pm - Vendors Area Open

SabreHyde & Gunshow

Rope Top’s Toolkit 

9-10:30 - 2nd floor

It's best to have your tools with you. If you don't, you're apt to find something you didn't expect and get discouraged. ― Stephen King

When you are just getting started, putting together a rope kit can be very intimidating. What kind of rope? How much of it? What else do you need? What is this going to cost?

This class is focused on helping rope tops, and especially beginning suspension riggers, make the decisions that are right for them by providing comprehensive discussions around WHY and HOW to choose materials and tools, from the perspectives of safety, budget, aesthetics, function, longevity, convenience, and preference. Different types of ropes, carabiners, cutting implements and rings, among other tools, will be displayed and/or passed around so you can get a feel for them.  There is no “one size fits all” rope kit, and this class is the perfect way to take your game from hardware store rope to a full suspension kit: one step at a time, informed about options, and avoiding costly mistakes.

SereneX -
Breath Play With Shibari
9-10:30 - Main Level

Breath Play with Shibari


We’ll be taking a look at a fun little one rope restrictive tie, a couple variations on a blood choke tie (intensity optional), and if time allows a rather fun chest harness that does as the class title suggests. “Safety” first, of course, so you can expect a detail lesson on what we need to pay attention to with breath play and blood chokes. We’ll talk about the needs for quick releases and best practices to work this into your rope sessions. Trigger warning: Some may find a bit of the visuals in this class disturbing. There is a possibility for discoloration in the face as well as pronounced veins on the face. Tie list Bunny tie for shallow breathing Neck hug One rope hand to neck tie Blood choke full harness


11-12:30 - 2nd floor

A class where the students will learn how to suspend themselves without the need for a partner. Safety, preparation, methods of quick release, and exploration of the “worst case scenario” will all be discussed before a single student will be suspended

Breast Bondage
11-12:30 - Main Level

Level: Beginner Requires 4 lengths of 25-30 ft. long rope (about quarter-inch or 6mm diameter is ideal) per pair of students Partner required This hands-on class will teach methods for binding the torso with breasts of any size. Several different ties will be presented, including ties to accentuate (and sensitize!) breasts of various sizes and shapes. We will also present a few tips and tricks that you can incorporate in harnesses you already tie. This class is intended for folks of any gender with breasts/chest tissue.

12:30 - 2:00 pm - LUNCH BREAK

R0pe-daddy & AuraLee
How to Tie an Agura: 201

2-3:30 - 2nd floor

Knowledge Base: Participates must be able to tie a solid single column. It is also strongly suggested that participants also have an understanding of how to tie a hojo cuff (inline cuff).

Class Level: Intermediate 

So you think you can tie an agura? This class will go over step by step instructions on how we tie an Agura and where we find it best apply the uses of an agura. 

What to Bring to Class: 4-6 hanks of rope

Sadistic Rope

2-3:30 - Main Level

Like rope?  Like pain?  Then this class is for you.

Learns ways to indulge your sadistic desires with the simplest of ties.  The moans and groans are delightful.

Sabrehyde & Gunshow
Departure From the Norm
4-5:30 - 2nd floor

What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden, and it's not. And a lot of the time it's what makes you great. -- Emma Stone

Large or heavy. Male or Transgender. Disabled. Elderly or fragile. Triggered. Stiff and inflexible. Injured. New and inexperienced. 

As a bottom who doesn’t fit the mold we see depicted so often, how can you communicate and find ways to participate in rope with a willing top? As a top who comes across these unique individuals wanting to be tied, how can you increase your skills and adaptability to make rope accessible to everyone and enjoyable for your partners?  

In many rope classes, instructors present to the most stereotyped audience to establish baseline skills, but sometimes that means teaching a single pattern or form and spending little time on variations that are inclusive of the unique individuals that gloriously break the mold.  This class is designed to present a framework and open forum for approaching challenges and customizing rope based on my experiences tying different bodies and different minds, and I will also be focusing on how unique bottoms can approach the rope world and help tops branch out. In addition, I’ll speak about tying techniques and emotional challenges (bias, assumptions, sexism) for tops who don’t fit the top mold: female, small/short, and/or lacking upper arm strength.

At the end of this class, you will be better equipped to depart from depicted rope stereotypes and tailor the rope experience from the top or the bottom viewpoint.

Traeonna - Bondage Buffet: Hogs, Frogs, Crabs and Shrimp
4-5:30 - Main Level

Hands-on workshop where participants will learn how to apply essential foundation knots, hitches, frictions, and forms to create hog, frog, crab, and shrimp ties with adaptations for limited flexibility and other concerns. An understanding of safety and foundations (reef knot, half hitch, joining rope, single column tie, double column tie) is assumed.

7:30 - 8:00 pm - Performance and Opening Remarks

8:00 pm - 1:00 am - Play Party

Sunday, August 15th

8:00 am - Registration opens

9:00 am - 3:00 pm - Vendors Area Open

R0pe-daddy & AuraLee
The Tobusuru
Hip Harness
9-10:30 - 2nd floor

Knowledge Base: Be able to tie a single column and an inline cuff. 

Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Did you know The Tobutsuru is a hip harness? We will cover how to tie this hip harness.

What to Bring to Class:2-3 hanks of rope

Tying up the Johnsons
9-10:30 - Main Level

Like the idea of binding balls, but concerned you’ll cock it up? Fear not, my kinky companions, in this hands-on workshop, participants will learn several techniques to not only bind the cock and balls, but other ways to play with the family jewels as well. Basic safety and risk awareness concerning cock and ball play will be discussed, but a general understanding of rope safety is assumed.

Fishbone arms front harness
11-12:30 - 2nd floor

The “Fishbone” Arms-Front Chest Harness


Level: Advanced Requires four 25-30 ft. long ropes (about quarter-inch diameter) per pair of students. A short half-length piece will likely be helpful as well. Partner required Prerequisite knowledge: Single column tie, very proficient rope handling and tension.


Cannon’s “Fishbone Harness” is an advanced skill-level chest harness which attractively binds the bottom’s arms in front of their torso. It is ideal for those with limited flexibility and injuries, as well as those looking for alternatives to harnesses which bind the arms behind the back. It is suitable for intimate floorwork as well as suspension. This is a complicated tie with many steps, requiring highly proficient rope handling. Novices and intermediate-level students may find the tie to be challenging to follow along with, but are welcome to observe. At least three 25-30' lengths of rope and a partner is required. Tying this harness with rope thicker than 8mm (5/16") is very difficult.

Energetic Rope

11-12:30 - Main Level

Energetic Rope: How To Use Energy To Enhance Your Rope Play


Good energy to a rope scene is like gasoline to a fire or sprinkles on a sundae: it just makes it better. This class aims to show ways in which energy can be used to enhance a rope scene. For this class; you will need 2-3 25-30 ft lengths of rope (preferably natural fiber), a partner, and open minds. To better enhance your learning experience, participants should be familiar with a non-tightening cuff such as the Somerville Bowline.

12:30 - 2:00 pm - LUNCH BREAK

Rope: Road Maps vs. Compass Headings
2-3:30 - 2nd floor

A class that explores rope in a way that doesn't teach in a step-by-step fashion. But instead teaches in a philosophical self-exploration manner (it's not THAT "woo woo", relax)

Enlightenup & Attnwhor

All the Little Things

2-3:30 - Main Level

From the finger hook to pull don’t push your rope to how to find the gap in your tie so you can synch it off easily instead of fighting with your tie there are lots of little tips and tricks we’ve all seen but don’t understand and get picked up slowly over time. Well, here they are all in one class.

3:30 pm - closing remarks